Thursday, 20 July 2017

The Logy Bay-Middle Cove-Outer Cove Museum is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year!

The museum started as a project by a group of volunteers with a passion for history and heritage in the area. After a lot of work and fundraising, the museum was built and opened in 1997. The exhibit was first housed in the main part of the town hall, in a large room off to the side of the lobby. After a little under a decade, the museum had grown so much that it was moved to the basement of the town hall, where we are currently located.

Inside the museum.

This museum is a project of love by part and present members of the LBMCOC Heritage Committee, who volunteer their time to maintain and preserve the museum, plus select and supervise seasonal staff. Over the years, the museum has shifted to a seasonal museum, instead of open all year round, but our summers are now filled with group visits and activities for all ages. Over the years, many people have managed the museum, most notably, the late Sheila Ozon, who ran the museum for almost a decade and brought it from upstairs to its expanded location under the town hall.

Sheila Ozon did a lot of great work for the museum. This painting of hers is proudly displayed.
This weekend, we are celebrating the museum's 20th anniversary. On Sunday, from 12 until 6, we will have live music, a face painter, activities for all ages, as well as snacks, tea, coffee and juice. At 4pm, we will look to the opening of the museum and will open the time capsule created by the students of St. Francis of Assisi in 1997. What treasures did the students put in? Were you one of those students? Care to give us a hint?

Once we have time to explore the 1997 time capsule, we'll be refilling it and resealing it with objects created and selected by the current LBMCOC Summer Camp!

Come out, stop by anytime between noon and 6pm for games, music and fun! All are welcome, and like all activities at the museum, admission is free!

A notice for a garden party at St. Francis in Outer Cove. From The Evening Telegram, 20 Aug 1921, p1.

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