Saturday, 18 June 2016

"Tales of Logy Bay"

"Tales of Logy Bay" by M.S. Strawbridge
In Atlantic Guardian vol. 11 no. 1, 1954, pages 17-21.

A wonderful story looking at the sights and history of Logy Bay as told by a cyclist. The article is framed by the song, Star of Logy Bay, and explores Logy Bay, Outer Cove, Middle Cove, the impact of the Torbay Airport and the USAF and RCAF in the area, St. Francis of Assisi Church, the laying of the trans-Atlantic cable at Middle Cove Beach and the steep cliffs and hairpin turns of Marine Drive. Found while exploring the Memorial University of Newfoundland digital archives.

Here at the museum, we also wonder who the lucky lady is. If you know, and know if her house is still standing, please let us know!

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