Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Memories of Outer Cove Plane Crash: Mena and Charlie Power

Mena and Charlie Power. Photograph by Kenneth J. Harvey

For Mena and Charlie Power, the day of the Outer Cove Plane Crash will forever remain etched in their minds, and not simply for the reasons you may imagine. 

I had the pleasure of interviewing this lovely couple last week for our exhibit on the crash, and here is a brief part of the story they told:

"Well it was a memorial day for us because that night, early in the morning, rather, I went out to the hospital. I was expecting a baby, a bit premature; I think it was four weeks premature. It was early in the morning. Not a blade of snow. Just went with a pair of slippers, right? Yeah, and it was quite foggy when we were leaving, you could see the sky blowing in then; about 2:00 in the morning. Of course, James was born just as I got there. This pilot had the same birthday – he died on his birthday." - Mena Power

Want to hear more about Mena and Charlie's memories of that day? Their entire story, along with several others, will be revealed in our new exhibit on Saturday, September 5 from 2:00-4:00pm. We hope to see you here.

-Katie Harvey 

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