Friday, 5 June 2015

Memories of Outer Cove Plane Crash: Mary Roche

Mary Roche relaying her memory of the Outer Cove plane crash. Photograph by Kenneth J. Harvey

As mentioned in previous posts, the museum is creating a new exhibit on the Outer Cove plane crash of 1956. Our curator, Katie Harvey, is conducting a series of interviews with people who remember that day. The exhibit will contain as many first-hand accounts of the event as possible.

Mary Roche lives directly behind the house that was hit by the plane, and so she remembers the day very clearly. I interviewed her yesterday about her memory, and her story will be outlined in the exhibit. 

Here is a small portion of what she told me:

"I heard this big bang and I thought the horse was out . . . and I thought the kids were after throwing a rock and the horse bucked up against the house or something. 
And I went out singing out, 'God bless it!'
'Mom, it's not us, we had nothing to do it. That's... Look down.' 
And I said 'What is it?' And my son said, 'There's a plane.' 
I thought he was joking. 
He said, 'Mom, come out til you sees.' 
And when I went out sure enough you could see the smoke coming up."

The whole story will be revealed in the unveiling of our new
exhibit, which will take place on Saturday, September 5 from 2:00-4:00pm.

                                                                                -Katie Harvey                                          

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